Penn Cedare Academy

a cedare renaissance academy

Welcome to

Penn Cedare Academy

Academic Day School PreK3 thru 12th Grade

Where students love to learn  . .  and learn to love 


Rapid Registration:  [email protected]  |301-875-4175

 Register $495/Camper - 1 Wk FT B/A Care, Meal/Snack 

or 2wks AM/PM Only !

NOW ENROLLING:  July 1st thru July 15th 8-4pm daily

Penn Cedare Academy offers several programs to make early childhood and school age education  

convenient for busy moms & dads.

Penn Cedare specializes in Academic Recovery, closing Learning Gaps and Academic Readiness.

The pandemic has posed several challenges to students, parents and employers alike.  School closings, reverting to 'online, cyber settings'.  This leaves parents in a quandry trying once again to balance work, life  and education.

PennCap is here to help, with many innovative programs, products and services to help your family meet and achieve  success  at home and in school.  

Free Community Classes

KINDER READINESS PROGRAM Pre-school kinder program 1x week AM/PM very limited space.  Reservations needed. 


Morning / Afternoon 

PennCap enrolled preK program offers full and half day programs.

Mornings 8am to 12n.

Afternoons - 1pm to 5pm

Fulltime 8am to 4pm $1,250/mo.

Small classes, limited enrollment

Before & After School

Students may join PennCap from 6am to 8am for Before School care and transport to school.  For qualifying students, breakfast is available.  $495/Bimonthly from 1-15th & 15-30th

  • 3 to 6pm Programs - S.T.R.E.A.M - music, arts, gymnastics, 


Day School Student

The monthly tuition for 

PreK23-4-5 is $1,250/sliding scale and tuition scholarships available.



MIDDLE SCHOOL:  $795/Fees/ Textsbooks/Labs

UPPER SCHOOL:  $550/mo.



At Penn Cedare students learn to work both independently and collaboratively.  Hence, no individual desks , rather a working area where students can see and been seen interacting with one another.  

Our classroom (PODS) sizes are SMALL 7:1

7 children to an Instructor.


Our in classroom  air purification systems scrub the classroom air environment 24/7.  Constantly monitoring for changes in the air environment throughout the day !  Not only does it scan for COVID particulates, but basic allergies and the common cold as well!

[email protected]

Application, Registration, Scholarship, Tuition & Fees

The Penn Cedare Application

[email protected] |301-875-4175

 is available online in a fillable PDF or download, complete, scan and remit.  

  • Onetime:  Non-refundable Registration of $495.  | Textbooks $125 | Lab Fees - vary per school.
  • Tuition $1,250 - Pre-School (FT):  
  • Lower School $1,150; 
  • Middle School $1,050; Upper School $995/mo.
  • Laboratory fee (Computer, virtual, field trips) 
  • Apply for scholarships based on family income, size (#dependents).
  •  Opens 31 May 2022 thru August 15th 2022.

[email protected] |301-875-4175

100%  Clean Air - 

COVID Safe Environment

Open throughout the pandemic with no reported cases of COVID.  PennCap takes clean air seriously.  We work to keep staff and children safe, with clean air, sanitized surfaces and great masks to limit the spread of even simple 'kid germs'.  Together with vaccinated staff and students we keep a 'closed cohort' community.


Here at PennCap we encourage full S.T.R.E.A.M (C) 'exploration'  complete with hands of learning - no matter the learning style student learn by doing and synthesizing all they learn.  From the sciences, technology, faith, engineering, the arts and mathematics a true renaissance experience.


At PennCap our students love to learn.  We teach children how to engage, process, synthesize, reflect and utilize all that they have learned for the benefit of self and in service to others.  

Creative Learning - Arts & Sciences 

PennCap is a renaissance school which means that we engage both the arts and sciences, faith and practical experience.

Creative Arts whether, performing, dramatic, creative  PENNCAP offers a diversity of learning experiences in music, dance so that students can discern, discovery, develop and ultimately display their gifts and talents .

Diversity of Students & Staff

PennCap is a Christian school, but we recognize that Learning occurs best when we meet and share the positive elements from other cultures from language, to geography, and traditions.  We welcome all who share a similar faith and perspective.


Professional staff

The motto of PennCap is 'come grow with us', and so many of our staff begin as volunteers,  interns, apprentices, then as lead teachers and master instructors.  Each gaining knowledge, experience and professional skillsets to assist and enable student education.