Penn Cedare Academy

a cedare renaissance academy

Our programs are uniquely designed to fit a range of abilities!

PennCap offers a diversity of programs both half and full day classes.  Our schools offer small student staff ratios 12< students to an experienced teacher (12:2).   Many of our students join us in person, online, from home-school platforms.  Regardless of the preference, students share in the PennCap experience.  From the sciences, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, PennCap students are well versed in faith, arts and sciences.  Learning labs include experiential, tactical, and practical.  

Equally important PennCap as an academic day school is always, academic, artistic, athletic, altruistic and affordable.  Tuition is offered on a sliding scale and cooperative basis.  Tuition is determined 1-2 years in advance, fixed and frozen to share and cover all expenses.

PENNCAP Specializes in 'academic recovery, closing learning gaps, 

Ages - 3 years

Our Kinder-Readiness program is especially made for young children ages 3.3 months (potty trained), four and five years.  The PennCap edu-care program helps children gain vital skills, social, emotional, educational, and more. So that children qualify for kindergarten and beyond!

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Ages - 4 years

At age 4 years, PennCap students are reading ready, with early math, language, large and small muscle coordination skills under hand.

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Ages 5 years

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Lower School - K-4th

Our kinder readiness program is essential preparation in reading, math, language and social skills,   This provides students with critical skills as they both discover and learn by engaging in hands-on activities.

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Middle School - Grades 5-8

Middle school can be 'awkward' for the best students.  At PennCap we work on the social emotional development, with positive encouragement to learn and grow, marked with compassion.  Students emerge stronger and more confident.

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Upper School - Grades 9-12th

PennCap is "always academic, athletic, artistic, and altruistic" (C).  Thus our upper school students work at or above grade level.  Students often engage in college courses, internships and community service projects.  Each activity meant to synthesize  and enhance academic learning while developing real-life skills.

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What our customers are saying

"At last. an affordable, proximate  private school that  engages the body, mind, and spirit  while emboding Christian values and principals.

Jane  M,  Perimeter LLC